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Save on average 20 to 30% With the use of a home battery!

Calculate how much you can earn with a home battery!

Get more efficiency from your solar installation

Are you concerned about the amount of solar energy lost to the grid? With a home battery, you can harness more of your own solar energy yourself!

Reduce off-take from the power grid

Want to greatly reduce your dependence on the power grid? With a home battery, you will use even less grid power, significantly reducing your energy costs!

Consume more green energy

A home battery stores generated solar power and allows you to use more of your own renewable solar energy. This is how you can reduce your carbon emissions.

Avoid high consumption spikes

With the capacity tariff, it is best to avoid high consumption peaks. Use more of your own stored solar energy and avoid high consumption spikes and costs from the grid.

Why choose a home battery from H&S PowerSolutions?

At H&S Powersolutions, we take care of your solar installation from A-Z.

Guidance on application

Our staff will take care of registering your home battery with Fluvius. We do all the administrative work for you, so you can concentrate on enjoying the benefits of renewable energy.

Monthly installment plan

At H&S PowerSolutions, you can enjoy your solar home battery installation without raiding your savings account. All of our products and services can be purchased on a monthly basis. Our financial experts will put together a personalized repayment plan for you.

Accurate monitoring application

With our unique app, you can easily monitor your home battery. Allows you to view real-time power statistics and optimize your battery performance.

Increase storage capacity

Do you have a home battery from us, but want more storage capacity? You can! Contact our consultants to discuss your desired capacity expansion. We are happy to help you.

The strongest warranty terms

With us, you can count on the best warranty terms for your home battery. We offer a 15-year omnium warranty on our storage batteries, so you don’t have to worry in case of breakdowns or problems.

Reliable customer service

We value customer satisfaction and good customer service. We offer comprehensive after-sales service, including telephone support and professional assistance. Moreover, we have a team of experienced technicians ready to solve your problems quickly and efficiently. So you can always count on good support.

Get more efficiency from your solar installation

As a solar panel owner, you consume an average of 30% of your own solar energy. The rest of it is fed back into the power grid for a low injection fee. With a home battery, the excess solar energy is simply stored in your battery so you can use it at a later time. In this way, you will get even more return from your solar panels, because you will then use between 60% and 80% of the generated energy from your solar panels yourself!

Even at times when your solar panels are producing less energy, you can draw solar energy from your home battery , only when the battery is depleted do you draw energy back from the grid.

Reduce off-take from the power grid

Consuming more of your own solar energy means that you will have to purchase less energy from your energy supplier, leading to lower energy bills. Moreover, your excess solar energy does not go to waste, but is stored in your home battery so you can use it at a later time.

That way, you also have more flexibility in your energy consumption, because you can no longer have to match your energy use to the peak hours of your solar panels. With a storage battery
you more easily spread your electricity consumption throughout the day.

Consume more green energy

With a home battery, you can use more than double your own solar energy. By generating and storing your own green energy, you help reduce your carbon emissions. Because then you are not using nuclear power, you are using solar power.

In addition, home batteries are also sustainable in the long run since they are made of environmentally friendly materials. This means they have less environmental impact over their lifetime.

Avoid high consumption spikes

Since the introduction of the capacity tariff , it is important to make sure that you do not use too much energy at the same time, as this incurs additional costs. If you use many household appliances at the same time, you will pay more for the electricity you take from the grid. One way to avoid these costs is to use a home battery.

A home battery allows you to store your own solar energy and use it to run your appliances at a later time, without taking energy from the grid. That way, you don’t have to worry about high consumption spikes and keep your energy bills as low as possible.

Want to know more about our battery solutions?

Contact us for more information about our smart batteries. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice for your specific situation.

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Our working method

We like transparency. Below is our standard roadmap.

01. The first contact

Fill out the contact form or contact us by mail or phone. So together we will schedule an appointment on a date that is most convenient for you.

02. Expertise at your home

Three experts will visit you sequentially. First, we discuss an installation that suits you based on your consumption and future plans. Then you will be assisted with financial advice. Finally, a technical expert comes to discuss the practical points.

03. Custom quote

Based on the previous conversations, we will prepare an offer for you. At H&S Powersolutions, all documents are handled for your convenience so you can make a decision with clarity.

04. The installer visits

We will consult with you on the best time for installation. Installation usually takes half a day. You will then be followed up by our consultants.

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Elsy Vanroy
Top service!
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Installation of the solar panels was completed perfectly from start to finish. The technicians for the connection (modem and app) kept searching until they finally resolved the issue.
Filiz Findik
Sweet and helpful staff!
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Very satisfied with our solar panels! The installation itself went very smoothly. Sweet and helpful staff. Special thanks to Mr. Rasim for taking the time to do the installation thoroughly! ☺️
Sophie Mardulier
Very professional!
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Very satisfied with our purchase of solar panels and battery from H&S PowerSolutions! Smooth installation and after sales service is also very professional.
Mark Blevi
Top team!
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We are at this satisfied owners of solar panels installation with home battery, also very satisfied with the installers the necessary professional explanations top team team 2 and team 3!!!
Jan Verreyt
Google review
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Very friendly and professional people. System works fine with very good yield
Laurent Verhasselt
Google review
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Very satisfied with the dishes clean work
Sander Cuyt
Google review
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customized quote, able to install quickly after order, left clean. good and clear explanation. good follow-up.
Dear Schoofs
Google review
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We are very satisfied with the people who installed the new solar panels this week. Today the "old ones" were cleaned, also very satisfied with these people.
Aya ouaki
Google review
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Had maintenance service on the solar panels today. After 1 year of placement.Fine