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Create your ideal indoor climate with our high-quality air conditioning systems!

Paying for your new air conditioning system on a monthly basis?

Optimal indoor climate for ideal comfort

Cold or hot? Whatever the weather may be today, an air conditioning system keeps the indoor environment at a comfortable temperature and keeps humidity at a comfortable level.

Electric heating, fast and efficient

With an air conditioner, you heat on electricity, making you less dependent on fluctuating gas prices. Plus, you also heat much faster and more economically than with a traditional condensing boiler.

Reduce dust mites, improve air quality

Air conditioners reduce dust mites in the home by filtering air, cooling it and reducing humidity. They also remove dust and other allergens from the air.

More control over your energy consumption

Modern air conditioning systems work efficiently and thus help reduce your energy costs. In addition, they can be used to manage energy consumption by adjusting the indoor climate to your needs.

Why choose air conditioners from H&S PowerSolutions?

At H&S PowerSolutions, we take care of your air conditioning installation from A-Z.

Several functions in one device

Our air conditioners are designed to easily switch between their various functions, so you can always enjoy a comfortable indoor climate. Whether you are looking for cooling, heating, humidification or air cleaning, our air conditioners can do it all.

Ability to personalize and expand

You can personalize your air conditioning system to match your interior. Do you want to air condition more rooms over time? Then your air conditioning system can be expanded to meet your growing needs. Whether you need a small air conditioner for a single room or multiple air conditioners for the whole house, we have what you’re looking for.

A wide choice of brands, sizes and models

At H&S PowerSolutions, you have a very large selection of air conditioners to choose from. You can choose between different brands and colors, so you can always find a model that meets your needs and also matches your interior.

Energy efficient and quality air conditioners

Our range of air conditioners is very carefully selected based on quality and energy efficiency. We only work with top brands so you can always count on durability and reliability.

Reliable customer service

Excellent customer service is in our DNA. We offer comprehensive after-sales service, with telephone support and professional assistance. Whether you need help choosing an air conditioner, or have questions about its installation or maintenance, our technicians are here to help.

Monthly installment plan

At H&S PowerSolutions, you can enjoy your solar installation with air conditioning system without raiding your savings account. All of our products and services can be purchased on a monthly basis. Our financial experts will be happy to put together a personalized repayment plan for you.

Optimal indoor climate for ideal comfort

Air conditioning is the ideal solution for hot summer days and freezing winter days. With an air conditioner, you can keep your home pleasant and comfortable in any season. This allows you to heat in the winter and cool in the summer at the touch of a button.

With our modern air conditioning systems, you can find the perfect balance between pleasant temperature and clean air, whatever the weather.

Electric heating in a fast and efficient way

One advantage of an air conditioning system is that it can quickly and efficiently heat or cool the various rooms in your home. It does not take long for the air conditioner to start up, unlike a condensing boiler.

In addition, the advantage of air conditioners is that you do not have to use expensive natural gas. This not only lowers your energy costs, but also makes a positive contribution to the environment because you use less natural gas.

Reduce dust mites, improve air quality

An air conditioning system is the ideal solution to filter the air in your home and reduce dust mites. Polluted air makes for a poorer living environment and can lead to such things as: headaches, fatigue and allergies. The filters in the system capture dust, pollen and other allergens to make the air
cleaner and healthier

In addition, an air-conditioning system can also regulate humidity, making dust mites less likely to multiply.

More control over your energy consumption

Air conditioning systems are efficient appliances that help you manage your energy consumption. They keep your rooms at a constant temperature you want, so you don’t have to constantly heat or cool them.

With an air conditioning system, you can fine-tune the indoor climate to make it as comfortable as possible.

More information about air conditioning systems?

Contact us for more information about our air conditioning systems. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice for your specific situation.

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Our working method

We like transparency. Below is our standard roadmap.

01. The first contact

Fill out the contact form or contact us by mail or phone. So together we will schedule an appointment on a date that is most convenient for you.

02. Expertise at your home

Three experts will visit you sequentially. First, we discuss an installation that suits you based on your consumption and future plans. Then you will be assisted with financial advice. Finally, a technical expert comes to discuss the practical points.

03. Custom quote

Based on the previous conversations, we will prepare an offer for you. At H&S Powersolutions, all documents are handled for your convenience so you can make a decision with clarity.

04. The installer visits

We will consult with you on the best time for installation. Installation usually takes half a day. You will then be followed up by our consultants.

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Elsy Vanroy
Top service!
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Installation of the solar panels was completed perfectly from start to finish. The technicians for the connection (modem and app) kept searching until they finally resolved the issue.
Filiz Findik
Sweet and helpful staff!
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Very satisfied with our solar panels! The installation itself went very smoothly. Sweet and helpful staff. Special thanks to Mr. Rasim for taking the time to do the installation thoroughly! ☺️
Sophie Mardulier
Very professional!
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Very satisfied with our purchase of solar panels and battery from H&S PowerSolutions! Smooth installation and after sales service is also very professional.
Mark Blevi
Top team!
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We are at this satisfied owners of solar panels installation with home battery, also very satisfied with the installers the necessary professional explanations top team team 2 and team 3!!!
Jan Verreyt
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Very friendly and professional people. System works fine with very good yield
Laurent Verhasselt
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Very satisfied with the dishes clean work
Sander Cuyt
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customized quote, able to install quickly after order, left clean. good and clear explanation. good follow-up.
Dear Schoofs
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We are very satisfied with the people who installed the new solar panels this week. Today the "old ones" were cleaned, also very satisfied with these people.
Aya ouaki
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Had maintenance service on the solar panels today. After 1 year of placement.Fine