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The Yin-Yang for your Energy Experience.

H&S Powersolutions is an energy company born and best in beautiful Hasselt. As the name “Powersolutions” suggests, we are a highly solution-oriented group specializing in renewable energy.

H&S Powersolutions is working on the answer!

We provide several paths to energy independence. That is; As independent as possible, free from the whims of major energy suppliers or world events.

Let’s be partners!

After all, being solution-oriented involves working together. Working with you. That requires trust, and around that trust we have built all of our services.

It starts with our consultants meeting with you several times before installation so that all questions are answered and you can focus on the future with confidence. We will always be available for you. By that, we don’t just mean before and during installation. Our team will be available to you for years after the job is done. We will not abandon you when the installation is complete!

Speaking of years; H&S Powersolutions offers longer warranties than you typically find on the market.
That is the core of who we are. Let’s work together!

Our team

Would you also like to work for H&S Powersolutions?

Become part of our solution-oriented team!
At H&S Powersolutions, cooperation and trust are paramount.
Make the move now and apply now at H&S Powersolutions.

Let’s work together for a green future!

Our contributions to society (CSR)

Text about our social projects and sponsorships

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